Company Timeline


The OSI Group history represents more than a century of strategic growth, driven by our customers and their market needs.

1909 The company is founded by Otto Kolschowsky as a family-owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area as Otto & Sons, USA
1955 Selected as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef
1973 West Chicago, Illinois, USA plant opens as Otto & Sons’ first dedicated facility for McDonald’s
1975 Otto & Sons becomes OSI Industries in the USA
1977 West Jordan, Utah, USA plant opens
1978 Expansion to Europe (Germany) via joint venture
1980 Further expansion in Europe (Spain)
1982 Expansion into Latin America (Brazil)
1986 Chicago, Illinois, USA facility opens
1987 K&K joint venture is established in Taiwan, the start of OSI Asia-Pacific
1989 Company expands to Austria
1990 GenOSI joint venture established in the Philippines
1990 TROSI de Carnes joint venture established in Mexico
1991 OSI China is established as HUSI, a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) in Hebei Province
1993 OSI enters Central Europe (Hungary, Poland)
1994 Nation Pizza and Foods (USA) partnership is established
1995 OSI begins operating in India as Vista Processed Foods
1996 Australian business entry through joint venture
1996 Moy Park (UK), a leading poultry integrator, is acquired
1996 Second further processing (FP) plant opened in China (Shanghai)
1996 OSI purchases a plant in Oakland, Iowa, USA to produce bacon, sausage and hot dogs
2000 Aggressive expansion in global poultry business in Europe, Brazil and USA
2002 OSI enters fresh produce business in China through acquisition
2005 Australian beef business entry through acquisition
2006 OSI acquires Amick Farms, a vertically integrated poultry company on the eastern coast of the USA
2008 Poultry processing assets in Brazil and Europe divested to Marfrig
2009 OSI enters vertically integrated poultry business in China with Weihai Poultry (Shandong Province) commencing operations
2010 Beef production facility opens in Japan
TROSI de Carnes is divested to Industrias Bachoco
2011 SunOSI vertically integrated poultry joint venture (with the Sunner Group) is established in China (Fujian Province)
2011 OSI opens Culinary Innovation Center in Aurora, Illinois, USA
2011 Dry sausage plant opens in West Jordan, Utah, USA
2012 Two new facilities open in India (near Bangalore and Punjab)
2012 OSI builds new plant in Geneva, Illinois to produce frozen entrée items and other food products
2012 LEED-certified further processing plant (OSI Henan) is established in China
Opening of new further processing plant in Weihai, China next to vertically integrated poultry facility
China joint venture with JC Comsa of Japan established as OJC Foods for specialty dough products
2013 DaOSI vertically integrated poultry joint venture (with Doyoo Group)
2013 LEED-certified beef further processing plant opens in Ostróda, Poland
2013 MPO (Meat, Poultry & Other) Global Trade opens in Germany as OSI’s global trading platform. Future locations include the UK and Thailand.
2014 OSI opens Culinary Innovation and R&D Centers in Shanghai, China and a global R&D Center in Aurora, Illinois, USA
2014 Production facility opens in Riverside, California, USA to initially produce salsa, beans and tofu products
2014 OSI forms a joint venture with Select Ready Foods, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to establish OSI Select Ready Foods
2014 OSI expands beef integration to the UK in a joint venture with Pickstock
2014 OSI enters a joint venture with German supermarket chain EDEKA
2016 OSI Europe Regional Office opens in Gersthofen, Germany
2016 OSI acquires existing processing facility from Tyson in Chicago, Illinois
2016 OSI acquires a controlling stake in Baho Food, a private Dutch company involved in the manufacture of meat products and other food items with production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands
2016 OSI broadens its presence in Europe by acquiring Flagship Europe, a food supplier based in the UK
2018 Flagship Europe is renamed Creative Foods Europe
2018 Merger of Turi Foods Pty Ltd. and OSI International Foods (Aust) creates Turosi Pty Ltd.
2018 Fair Oaks Farms becomes an independent minority-owned company
2019 OSI acquires Rose Packing Company, a premier U.S. producer of pork, beef and other meat items
2019 Partnership is established with Impossible™ Foods to co-manufacture plant-based protein items


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