Food Safety & Quality Assurance Capabilities



So much of what we do at OSI relates to food safety – from our values of Acting with Integrity and Putting People First, to our manufacturing operations and our reputation. The need for food safety is constant and something that we must always give attention to. It’s why we launched our Food Safety Always initiative and created the practices of Look Out. Speak Up. Act Now. Food Safety Always embeds a stronger ownership of food safety and help bring safe, quality food to families worldwide every day. Together at the OSI Table, around the world, OSI team members rally around Food Safety Always by collaborating and encouraging one another to live food safety, always. To celebrate, we are sharing favorite recipes in the OSI Global Cookbook from our team members around the world. Recipes that OSI team members put heart and mind into while we nourish our families with food and culture.


Many of the largest food brands in the world trust the OSI Group to provide unsurpassed food safety and food quality assurance because they know it ensures brand security. We design and manage supply chain systems to protect your brands, products and reputation to the fullest extent.

Our team of food quality assurance experts are deeply embedded within our processing network to ensure compliance to specifications, develop stringent tracking and tracing systems, arrange secure transportation and champion best-in-class process control and assured supply practices.

Our customers trust us with their most precious asset: their good name. We take extraordinary food safety steps through Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification to repay that trust by making sure every product we make delivers unsurpassed food safety and consistent food quality.

Stringent Policies
We set standards that often exceed customer and regulatory requirements. And we continuously measure ourselves and our suppliers against those standards. We routinely conduct HACCP, Food Safety, GMP, Animal Welfare and OSI Global Standardization audits, and stay current with new and innovative quality procedures and technologies.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training
Our employees know that safety and quality come first at OSI. Employees receive documented GMP training as part of their orientation and at least annually thereafter. We focus on food safety and quality every shift, every day. At OSI, it’s never “the other guy’s” job; each employee is individually responsible for ensuring all standards are met.

Relentless Tracking
We don’t just put tough standards in place. We check and crosscheck how we’re doing against those standards.

  • Sanitation Microbiological & Environmental Surveillance Results
  • HACCP Deviation Trending
  • Process Control Measures
  • Raw Material and Ingredient Standards Monitoring
  • OSI, Independent Third Party, and Customer Audit Scores
  • Routine Product Consistency Reports

Annual QA Audits
We use rigorous OSI annual quality audits to make sure that every product is measured and tested against dozens of standards and requirements, including customer and government requirements, and the toughest standards of all—our own.

Ongoing Sensory Evaluation
Quality, taste and consistency are also critically important. We do whatever it takes to make sure that the products we make look, taste and perform exactly the way our customers expect them to. We evaluate every product, every shift. We hold weekly sensory evaluation sessions with plant management. And four times a year we do a centralized complete audit.

Keeping You One Step Ahead

  • We stay current with new laboratory methods, food safety research, and processing techniques
  • We develop new product specifications, quality parameters, product prep instructions and process cook validations
  • We put safety first when designing processes and specifying equipment

OSI proudly supports the Food Research Institute (FRI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. FRI is an internationally recognized leader in identifying and resolving food safety issues through research, education and outreach.